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Obumex can be a partner in demand for construction developers. We try to offer a plus-value for both the construction developer and the end customer. In that scope, Obumex can be a perfect partner for demanding customers who do not wish typical standard products in their home, but a personal touch and guidance without charging the construction developer.

By using Obumex as a partner in a construction development, together we can create an additional plus-value as to the definition, finishings and the use of space in order to stimulate the sales of a project. Below you will find some references of successful collaborations.


  • Astoria Knokke
  • Astoria Nieuwpoort
  • Balmoral Knokke
  • Belle Dune Knokke
  • Biezenpolder Knokke
  • Bon Séjour Knokke
  • Cambridge Knokke
  • Capucine Knokke
  • Casa Lena Knokke
  • Descamps Oostende
  • Dominikanen Knokke
  • Duindistel Oostduinkerke
  • Duinenwater Knokke
  • Duncaple Duinbergen
  • Finis Terrae, Knokke
  • Four Seasons Knokke
  • Green Gardens Kortrijk
  • Henry Van de Velde Oostduinkerke
  • K115 Kortrijk
  • La Croisette Nieuwpoort
  • La Réserve Résidence Knokke
  • Les Voiles Knokke
  • LM Koksijde
  • Long Beach Duinbergen
  • Long Islans Knokke
  • Neirynck Ingelmunster
  • Oree Gardens Sint Pieters Woluwe
  • Pacific Duinbergen
  • Park Zicht Roeselare
  • Res. Bahia knokke
  • Res. Bellerose Brasschaat
  • Res. Blanc de Lys Lauwe
  • Res. Carlton Knokke
  • Res. Citan Knokke
  • Res. Jolyvent Knokke
  • Res. Leiekouter Gent
  • Res. Les Fougères Brussel
  • Res. Les Terrasse de l’Oree Ukkel
  • Res. Nieuw Zuid Antwerpen
  • Res. Nirvana Oostduinkerke
  • Res. Oscar Niemeyer Oostduinkerke
  • Res. Peter Benoit Harelbeke
  • Res. Saarinen Oostduinkerke
  • Res. Venise Oostduinkerke
  • Res. Wegner Oostduinkerke
  • Retsin Duinbergen
  • Royal Phare Oostende
  • Scala Wetteren
  • Seaflower Knokke
  • South Coast Knokke
  • Sunny Hill Knokke
  • 'T Molentje Knokke
  • 'T Eyckenbos Roeselare
  • Ten Dijcke Knokke
  • Vénise Knokke
  • Viking Duinbergen
  • Vikings Knokke
  • Villa de Vreugde Oostduinkerke
  • Villa Emelien Oostduinkerke
  • Zoute View Knokke
  • Blanke Top Cadzand
  • Des Nations Knokke
  • Leiekouter Gent

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