Both for architects and construction promoters, Obumex is a loyal partner with a good dose of experience in the field of interior design and decoration. Our added value is noticeable in the smallest details.  

Cooperation with architects

Obumex is the ideal partner for every architect as the company takes up the full coordination of the project accurately translating the vision of the architect into reality. 120 craftsmen in service of Obumex and an exceptional material and technical knowledge not only guarantee a perfect finish of every single detail, but also a perfect coordination and follow-up of the yard.

The family company has important references in Paris, London, Geneva and along the French Côte d’Azur. The fact that the company strictly respects the execution term and the budget makes Obumex a partner in demand all over the world.

  • Architects


Cooperation with construction developers

Obumex can be a partner in demand for construction developers. We try to offer a plus-value for both the construction developer and the end customer. In that scope, Obumex can be a perfect partner for demanding customers who do not wish typical standard products in their home, but a personal touch and guidance without charging the construction developer.

By using Obumex as a partner in a construction development, together we can create an additional plus-value as to the definition, finishings and the use of space in order to stimulate the sales of a project. Below you will find some references of successful collaborations. 

Property developers


  • Astoria Knokke
  • Astoria Nieuwpoort
  • Balmoral Knokke
  • Belle Dune Knokke
  • Biezenpolder Knokke
  • Bon Séjour Knokke
  • Cambridge Knokke
  • Capucine Knokke
  • Casa Lena Knokke
  • Descamps Oostende
  • Dominikanen Knokke
  • Duindistel Oostduinkerke
  • Duinenwater Knokke
  • Duncaple Duinbergen
  • Finis Terrae, Knokke
  • Four Seasons Knokke
  • Green Gardens Kortrijk
  • Henry Van de Velde Oostduinkerke
  • K115 Kortrijk
  • La Croisette Nieuwpoort
  • La Réserve Résidence Knokke
  • Les Voiles Knokke
  • LM Koksijde
  • Long Beach Duinbergen
  • Long Islans Knokke
  • Neirynck Ingelmunster
  • Oree Gardens Sint Pieters Woluwe
  • Pacific Duinbergen
  • Park Zicht Roeselare
  • Res. Bellerose Brasschaat
  • Res. Carlton Knokke
  • Res. Citan Knokke
  • Res. Jolyvent Knokke
  • Res. Les Fougères Brussel
  • Res. Les Terrasse de l’Oree Ukkel
  • Res. Nirvana Oostduinkerke
  • Res. Peter Benoit Harelbeke
  • Res. Venise Oostduinkerke
  • Retsin Duinbergen
  • Royal Phare Oostende
  • Scala Wetteren
  • Seaflower Knokke
  • South Coast Knokke
  • Sunny Hill Knokke
  • 'T Molentje Knokke
  • 'T Eyckenbos Roeselare
  • Ten Dijcke Knokke
  • Vénise Knokke
  • Viking Duinbergen
  • Vikings Knokke
  • Villa de Vreugde Oostduinkerke
  • Villa Emelien Oostduinkerke
  • Zoute View Knokke

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