01 October 2014

New Bruno Moinard Collection

New Bruno Moinard Collection

Warm simplicity, elegance and timeless … these are the three pillars on which relies the work of the French designer Bruno Moinard. The creations of his design agency 4BI are cut to measure, often referring to the past. Moinard has his proper style in which a minimalistic echo sounds that is served on a human scale. He aims at the tactile character and the caressability of noble materials, such as marble, velvet, leather, bronze, … ingredients with which he also profiles himself when decorating apartments, private residences, hotels, luxury boutiques and public spaces.


"Warm Elegance on a Human Scale"

In all these assignments Moinard’s passion and love for the design are explicitly visible, giving the design a captivating cultural and historic dimension. He applies the same philosophy to the Bruno Moinard Editions, his newest line.

4BI is more than just an interior agency. It rather reveals to be a style laboratory faithful to the basic philosophy that consists of re-interpreting spaces and places without erasing their souls.

On the occasion of the 24th international Biennale Interieur Bruno Moinard Editions exhibits some thirty Furniture designs, each named after a city, on the Obumex stand. They are a friendly wink to the incessant love for travel of the author, a passion that is at least as fierce as the passion for design and above all nourished his inspiration.

The brand new collection is not a new radical and rigid demonstration of design, Moinard especially shows a human approach, a combination of aesthetical elegance, charm, ergonomics and comfort.

All the above characteristics seem to be plainly obvious, as if they have always been there. Moinard generously exhibits the richness and simplicity of forms and materials, immaterial and tangible at the same time. For this first collection he retakes the timeless codes and willingly disposes these to his wishes. Straight lines are always present and he summarizes symmetry in comfortable forms that we immediately recognize as classic and designate by terms such as charming, comfortable and stylish. Moinard each time applies those sensible and expressive lines, never radical, but there is always that French sense of balance and ratio. In addition, there are the exquisite material applications, that sublime alchemy of oak, leather, bronze, ebony, alabaster, colourful hand-knotted silk, marquetry.

Moinard’s Furniture designs go back to the typical forms of art deco, modernism and constructivism. Strong and light linear movements, sensual curves on the one hand, but severe straightness on the other hand… these are characteristics that we find in all his creations. But after all, this is a collection of the personal universe of the architect, the designer, the stylist, the artist that hides in Moinard. The curve of an arm-rest, the circle of a lampshade, the straightness of a socle, in each part we find the utmost dedication and the sound of modernity. No detail escapes the eye of Moinard, each design reflects refinement and simplicity, components that exhibit a dazzling rhetoric of seduction and desire.

"This collection gives a considerable plus-value to our main activity", says Moinard. Hereby he means the spatial concepts, with the difference that the furniture collection manifests itself as an entity of accessories. Bruno Moinard: "I indeed opt for sophisticated designs, but I do not avoid the unique design, I am also interested in small rooms and spaces. Therefore, that collection is a rich mixture of styles, of tangible and sensual sensations, of materials that play with the light. And, of course, there is the disarming discrete humour. The bottoms of the chairs e.g. are all yellow and some fabrics have been used in a very particular way, a wink to haute couture."

Obumex will be the exclusive distributor of this collection for Belgium. 

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