26 April 2016

A Total Renovation

with Obumex

A Total Renovation

with Obumex

You have a renovation or alteration works drawing near? Please remember that Obumex is not just the ideal partner for new development projects, but also ensures the success of all and every alteration project.

As a ‘Home of taste and confidence’ we already took care of a true metamorphosis of the existing or newly-purchased homes of a great number of our clients. For every renovation, Obumex can be an enormous added value. We convert your ideas into concrete plans and subsequently take charge of the entire project. Over a cup of coffee, our architects and interior design architects carefully listen to your wishes and exchange thoughts thoroughly in advance. In this way, we can even better assist you personally and specifically when making important choices in the fields of techniques, materials, finishings, layout of the rooms and so on.

Thanks to our long-lasting expertise, we very well know how to shape your housing and living comfort. We promise you a surprising new living experience. Without worries and without stress.

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