01 May 2014

2nd floor Staden

2nd floor Staden

In May 2014, the Obumex Flagship Store in Staden got a new impetus. After the brand new building for the Outdoor Furniture Showroom, the first floor was rebuilt. So, you can expect a fresh architecture and new Obumex interiors. 

The Promemoria and Liaigre labels are presented in a total interior concept. The elegant Obumex custom-made work excellently harmonizes with these furniture creations and gives you a home-coming feeling. In the 3 different theme corners, you will e.g. find a fireplace wall, a new type of panelling and a library.

You can also take a walk in a contemporary model apartment and in a bedroom with dressing. Image yourself in the sparkling centre of a city! Visit the living kitchen with integrated salon and dining room and experience the charming and nifty ambiance of an Obumex total interior design.

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