Italian designer furniture by Promemoria

Flawless craftsmanship, top-quality materials and a stunning eye for detail - that’s the interior design company Promemoria in a nutshell. This Italian design brand is also seen as the pinnacle of luxury, and we understand why. Promemoria piques your senses by combining rich textures with deep colours, lush shapes and a warm appearance. One thing is certain: with Promemoria furniture, you lift your interior to a higher level.


That distinctive Promemoria style

Perfection is the starting point at Promemoria - and it certainly shows. Every Promemoria design is thought out and finished down to the last detail. In combination with advanced technologies, exquisite building materials and outstanding craftsmanship, this makes for breathtaking opulence. We like to think of Promemoria’s designs as little gems - beautiful designs that have entailed a great deal of time, knowledge and energy. The Promemoria collection is very diverse. You can turn to Promemoria for a complete kitchen, but also for a wonderful bed to dream away in, or for a comfortable armchair. The Promemoria lighting and decorative objects are also highly regarded in the interior design world.


The rich history of Promemoria

Although Promemoria was established in the 1980s, this brand has much older roots. The story begins in a small village on Lake Como in the 19th century. That small village was home to the workshop of the Sozzi family, who repaired carriages for the local elite. The elite did not knock on the Sozzi family’s door by chance. Everyone knew that they employed the best craftsmen and used the best materials. This love of detail, design and craftsmanship was passed on from generation to generation until Romeo Sozzi set up an interior design company at the end of the 1980s. That’s when Promemoria was born. Romeo Sozzi is still at the head of this prestigious interior design house today. Together with his three sons, Stefano, Davide and Paolo, he works out the designs down to the last detail, selects the materials and oversees the production process from A to Z. The result is impressive. Promemoria has been a popular and valued interior design house for many years, known for its high standards of quality and warm, sophisticated designs.


Made in Italy

Today, the Sozzi family manufactures on an international scale. However, Promemoria’s designs are still based on traditional Italian values, style and a love of craftsmanship. All Promemoria pieces are made in the Sozzi family’s homeland. The Promemoria factory is in Valmadrera, in Lombardy. The designs of Promemoria are thus entirely ‘made in Italy’!



See our impressive Promemoria designs with your own eyes

Are you interested in a luxurious Promemoria kitchen? Have you been dreaming about that one beautiful Promemoria bed for weeks? Or you can’t get that stylish Promemoria chair out of your head? Perhaps you would like to see Promemoria’s works of art in real life. You can - you are always welcome in one of our showrooms! Obumex has showrooms all over the world - from Tel Aviv to New York. Do you prefer to stay closer to home? Then visit us in Staden, Knokke, Ghent, Antwerp, Brussels or Paris. Feel free to contact us for a no-obligation appointment. We’ll happily take the time to show you around and present our Promemoria collection! You can also always contact us for personal (styling) advice. We are happy to help!


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