Lema, the essence of Italian innovation and tradition

The design manufacturer Lema, based near Milan, has a wide range of comfortable and stylish living products. In addition to a diverse range of chairs, sofas, dining tables, coffee tables and beds, there is also a varied selection of Lema cabinets. Whatever you buy, Lema design furniture is distinguished by its high quality and versatile designs, where the focus is on merging tradition and innovation.


Exponents of Milanese furniture design

The story of Lema design began around 1975 when Luigi and Enrico Meroni founded the brand. The decision to start a designer furniture company was not taken lightly. Angelo Meroni, the father of Luigi and Enrico, had been a furniture maker for decades. He also had a shop in Milan, where he sold his interior design products for 20 years. When Luigi and Enrico established their design house, the furniture catalogue expanded rapidly. Today, the company has two production facilities and employs around 240 people. This makes it one of the largest design manufacturers in Italy. The Lema name combines the initials of Luigi, Enrico and Angelo with that of their surname.


Quality based on professional knowledge and expertise

The brand, also known as Lemamobili, owes its success in part to the skill and expertise that Angelo Meroni acquired over the decades. This has always enabled the company to give free rein to the genuine handicraft of Italian furniture design. The higher production numbers and the modernisation of the manufacturing processes have hardly influenced this. Lema furniture is still based on tradition but combines this with progressive elements based on quality. Equal importance is attached to every aspect of production: from the rough design to the finished piece of furniture. The entire process takes place in close consultation with the designers.


Lema furniture from global designers

Lemamobili represents designers from all over the world. The company distributes furniture by Italian designers Ferruccio Laviani, Piero Lissoni and Francesco Rota, Christophe Pillet from France, Japanese designer Tokujin Yoshioka, Philippe Malouin from Canada and Sebastian Herkner from Germany, among others. International studios they work with are Yabu Pushelberg and Neri & Hu.


Large selection of Lema cabinets

In the Lema range, you’ll find various types of design furniture with a high aesthetic value. You can purchase a Lema sofa or chair, but also a bed, mirror or table. An important share of the range is reserved for cabinets. The choice is extensive and includes wardrobes, bookcases, walk-in wardrobes, display cases, nightstands, sideboards and modular systems. Francesco Rota, Piero Lissoni and Christophe Pillet, among others, create lots of cabinets. The in-house Lema product team develops wardrobes, such as the models Lema Dandy, Elegant, Open, Novenove and Text.


Lema design at Obumex

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