ICF Office design, industrial craftsmanship with Italian élan

With its headquarters near Milan, ICF Office is in the heart of the Italian design region. Unlike most furniture manufacturers in this region, ICF Office focuses exclusively on workplaces and offices. The company aims to provide practical and pleasant working environments with comfortable office furniture without superfluous elements. Style and functionality are the main pillars of ICF Office design.


Passion for office interiors

ICF design was founded in the 1950s and specialised in furniture for office interiors from the very first designs. Research and the implementation of improvements where necessary were the driving forces behind this, and they still form the basis of ICF Office design today. The manufacturer is always looking for solutions for the working environment, with an eye for convenience, comfort, sustainability and innovation. ICF Office design often played a pioneering role in this. In 1965, ICF Office was one of the first to make partition walls for offices. The practical and innovative designs gave the company an excellent reputation, and other business parties gradually showed an interest. Apart from offices, ICF design can be found in hotels, museums, banks, hospitals, conference centres and airports. ICF furniture can be found from Italy to Norway and from the United States to Hong Kong.


Focus on variety and unity

When designing furniture, ICF Office rarely works with stand-alone products. Instead, the emphasis is on collections that are given room to develop. As a result, ICF office furniture is usually available in several finishes and colours, with the latest trends and developments leading the way. Some designs by ICF design even offer a choice of materials. This applies to the Credenza storage unit from the AWS collection, among others. The result is that an ICF office chair, desk, conference table, workstation or cabinet from the same series has a similar appearance despite the apparent differences between them. If desired, you can purchase individual pieces of furniture, but it’s always possible to supplement them with matching designs. Thus, unity and variety are equally typical of ICF design.


ICF Office, design with high-quality materials

Although ICF Office furniture uses a variety of materials, some types are more common. Aluminium, in particular, is widely used. Its light weight, robust nature and durability make it perfect for the bases of office chairs and tables, for example. Other materials used in ICF design are glass, wood and plastic. Elastic mesh textiles are often chosen for the upholstery of chairs. Stretched over a tubular steel construction, this material automatically moulds itself to the body and the sitting position, thus ensuring optimal personal comfort. The larger office chairs of ICF design are often upholstered in leather. Each stage of production combines traditional industrial craftsmanship with modern mechanical processes. Many of the machines it uses are made especially for the company. Designers such as Sottsass Associati, Cini Boeri, Vico Magistretti, Christophe Marchand and Francesco Soro are responsible for the designs at ICF.


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