Henge: unique designs with an Italian character

Henge design has everything you would expect from furniture made in Italy. This brand’s range, also known as Henge07, stands out for its purity, personality, refined craftsmanship and passion for design. It abandons all conventions of style, concept and trends and creates furniture with which the user can build a lasting relationship. The range includes Henge lighting, chairs, tables, sofas, cabinets and home accessories.


Henge’s philosophy

Henge07 was founded in 2007 and is based in Milan, traditionally a design city. Since the beginning, the company’s product team has looked at what the region has to offer in terms of furniture design. Modern, timeless, authentic and high-quality craftsmanship gets the most attention. The design philosophy of the founders is what they would like to have in their own home in terms of furniture and lighting. They opt for craftsmanship that’s rooted in the tradition and design history of Northern Italy. The range owes its uniqueness to the fact that weather, nature and the seasons play an important role in the production process. Combining this with manual manufacturing creates a distinctive style.


Designs in various styles

The recognisability that Henge design strives for does not result in uniformity. On the contrary, the brand stands for a varied assortment. Not only in terms of designs, but also when it comes to types of furniture and materials. This results in lamps, seating, tables and interior objects that aren’t tied to a particular style or routine method. And although some designs are miles apart, many furniture products fit together remarkably well. This is partly due to the choice of natural materials to achieve an organic whole. Leather, stone, mineral stone, brass, copper and wood are among the materials used in Henge’s furniture and lighting.


Renowned designers

The company works with a small group of designers, including some well-known names. One of the most prolific and versatile Henge designers is Massimo Castagna. He has been working for the brand since 2011 and is responsible for special Henge lighting like the Superb-All and the Starlight Horizontal. Castagna also designed several seats, such as the Zagg, W-Hexagon and Ketch chairs, and the Downtown and Vertigo sofas. In addition, most of the Henge tables and cabinets were designed by him. The influential duo Yabu Pushelberg created the Noce chair and the Puddle and Mushroom coffee tables, among other things. Ugo Cacciatori is the designer of the beautiful Himalaya and Patch Silk carpets and the striking Plynto coffee table made of stone and glass. Some other Henge designers are Isabella Genovese, Hilla Havkin and Stephen Tierney.


Purchasing Henge through Obumex

Obumex has been the Henge representative in Belgium since the beginning of 2021. You can view many of the company’s products, such as the Mushroom coffee table by Yabu Pushelberg, the Shift table, SR coffee table, Cage B bookcase, Starlight pendant lamp, Abaco wall lamp and Flat floor lamp by Massimo Castagna, at our premises. If you have any questions, please contact us or visit one of our showrooms. We will be happy to help you. 


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