Collection Particuliere elevates design to art

The French Collection Particuliere issues design objects that do not immediately reveal their true nature, but rather appeal to the imagination. The label does this by regarding its furniture, lighting and interior objects as expressions of art from the very first design sketches. Each product in the catalogue is considered a sculpture. Collection Particuliere did not choose its name at random. It gives the design furniture something personal and emphasises the uniqueness of the range.


Looking for the challenge

Jérôme Aumont launched Collection Particuliere in 2014 when he was ready for a new challenge in his life. In the previous fifteen years, he worked in interior and design journalism. Establishing his own brand was something completely different, but nevertheless a logical next step. After all, Aumont was no stranger to the design world and already had the necessary connections. His guiding principle in selecting suitable furniture for Collection Particuliere is that a design should be different and stand out. It may be a deviating design, the use of materials, the technique used or what inspired the maker. It’s also vital that the design object challenges the viewer and arouses surprise. For instance, because the piece of furniture or lamp raises questions about how or where it was made. Thus, each object in the Collection Particuliere range has its own identity.


Designers from all over the world

To shape his vision for Collection Particuliere, Aumont invited a select group of designers. These included designers from France such as Dessuant Bone, Christophe Delcourt and Grégoire de Lafforest, as well as Dan Yeffet from Israel and Arno Declercq from Belgium. Although Aumont wanted to set up a broad range for Collection Particuliere, he issued mainly interior objects at first. Early products included vases, indoor screens and fruit bowls. Later, the Collection Particuliere team was expanded to include Luca Erba of Italy, Álvaro Goula & Pablo Figuera from Spain and George Yabu & Glenn Pushelberg from the United States and Canada.


High-quality materials from Collection Particuliere

When creating meaningful designs, it is often a question of a carefully considered choice of materials. At the same time, the furniture, lamps and home accessories must also radiate a certain unity. That’s why Collection Particuliere produces designs in a limited number of materials. Even before the company existed, it was clear to founder Jérôme Aumont which materials that would be. His choice of wood, marble, leather, brass and ceramics shows a preference for versatile and high-quality materials. This is partly due to the fact that these are characterful materials, which undergo an elegant ageing process with the passing of time.


Collection Particuliere furniture and lighting

The designers of Collection Particuliere often opt for natural hues and shapes. Many pieces of furniture and objects also show a playful combination of curved and straight lines. And although the collection includes a growing number of design objects, furniture and lighting claim an increasingly important place in it. The underlying idea is that Collection Particuliere offers furniture, lamps and interior objects for every room in a home. The furniture and lighting range includes dining tables, side tables, dining chairs, armchairs, sofas, stools, floor lamps and table lamps. Regardless of your choice, with Collection Particuliere you purchase furniture that is highly distinctive from other suppliers in terms of design and style.



Collection Particuliere at Obumex

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