Meet Bruno Moinard

Bruno Moinard designs furniture that feels at home in luxurious interiors. This high-end brand can be recognised by its unique use of materials, its graphic shapes and the way it brings together design and warmth. The unique designs make an armchair, sofa or coffee table aesthetic masterpieces. Some have simple shapes and soft colours, while others have very striking designs, making them the eye-catcher of your room without a doubt.

Bruno Moinard’s collection shows what this designer is through and through: an artist. The way geometric shapes are combined with luxurious materials and trendy colours is immediately appealing. The furniture is at home in several architectural styles, but it is most at ease in austere and retro interiors. This is where the unique designs come into their own. Choose from armchairs made from high-quality fabrics, luxury dining chairs made from leather, tables with worked glass, stone or wooden tabletops and sofas that are wonderfully soft to the touch.

Once you have a piece by Bruno Moinard in your home, you will never want anything else. The collection is timeless, so the furniture is always an asset, and its value is unassailable, regardless of current trends. The seemingly straightforward yet sensual elegance makes the designs a priceless addition to any interior.



From artist to furniture designer

Bruno Moinard travelled to Paris to study art in 1972. In Paris, he could express his feelings and vision in something tangible. It soon became apparent that his passion - light, contrasts, random splashes of colour - would be reflected in all his works.

His vision, instinct and temperament made him successful in every branch of art, including painting and art photography. His creativity soon made him a respected interior designer. From government offices to haute couture boutiques - Bruno Moinard was the designer to furnish or renovate them. In 1995, he established his own architectural firm, 4BI, which enabled even more enthusiasts to enjoy his liberal interior design visions.

Moinard took up a new challenge in 2014 and started Bruno Moinard Edition. With this move, fans of this designer now enjoy beautiful furniture creations. The most beautiful materials, colours and ideas are fused into timeless, luxurious designs.


French haute couture by Bruno Moinard

Bruno Moinard grew up in the landscapes of Normandy and studied art in Paris. His designs are not only made in France, but this is also where the source of inspiration originates. With a dining table, armchair or dining chair, you bring more than just a piece of furniture into your home. It’s French haute couture, real art. Each piece is carefully crafted by top French craftsmen. You can be sure that a piece of Moinard furniture is completely French from sketch to final product.


Where can you find art by Bruno Moinard?

Moinard’s haute couture furniture can be found in world cities, including Paris, Moscow, London, Shanghai and New York. But fans of this brand don’t need to fly all over the world. You can also visit our showroom. Make an appointment, and we’ll be happy to help you find a Bruno Moinard masterpiece: a high-end piece of furniture that feels completely at home in your interior.


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