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Bieke Casteleyn is a Flemish interior architect and furniture designer known for the exclusive tables of her Out of Line collection. She approaches the design of an everyday piece of furniture from a new perspective. The underlying idea is to break with existing conventions. With a Bieke Casteleyn table, you purchase a piece with a striking and surprisingly designed tabletop.



Passion for innovation

Casteleyn studied Interior Design at the Sint-Lucas School of Arts in Ghent. After that, she specialised in product design in Milan. During her training, she developed a passion for innovation. This passion was the basis for her Out of Line tables. Casteleyn opened her studio, Shaping Objects, in 2016. This is where she conceives and creates her exceptional tables. A certain timelessness distinguishes their design. A Bieke Casteleyn coffee table or dining table lifts both modern and classic interiors to a higher level.



Tabletops with free shapes

When creating the Out of Line series, Casteleyn asked himself why tables traditionally have a round, square or rectangular design. She consciously decided to go off the beaten track and choose tabletops with free shapes. This is how the collection and the Shaping Objects studio got their name. With Out of Line, Bieke Casteleyn presents a unique concept that, with its organic form and groundbreaking design, leaves the existing rules of table design behind.


Every table is made by hand

An Out of Line table is always unique. Each table is the result of handiwork, so no two are exactly alike. Apart from their playful shapes, the tables are characterised by a beautiful finish. Bieke Casteleyn uses stucco lustro, which is polished manually after application. This decorative plaster gives the tables a natural and marble-like appearance. The exclusivity of each table design and the intensive finishing process determine the price of a Bieke Casteleyn table.


Various types of tables

The collection includes dining tables and coffee tables in various sizes. The tables do not stand on legs; instead, a central base was chosen. The support of the dining tables has a fixed height of 68 cm, whereas that of the coffee tables is 30 cm high. Besides coffee tables and dining tables with groundbreaking designs, the series also includes traditional round tables with a central base of 68 cm. The tabletops are 5 cm thick in all cases. By combining a dining table and a coffee table, you can create a stylish Bieke Casteleyn interior with a uniform look.


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