High-quality and creative design by pioneer B&B Italia

B&B Italia is a Milan-based design manufacturer with a wide range of products. B&B Italia design furniture is suitable for all kinds of interiors, and the company also has a diverse outdoor collection. Creativity, innovation and high quality characterise B&B Italia design and create an unmistakable style. B&B Italia cabinets, chairs, tables and sofas occupy an important place in Italian furniture design.



Award-winning pioneer of Italian design

Piero Ambrogio Busnelli founded the brand in 1966. Busnelli was very successful in the field of Italian design, and the B&B Italia furniture that was launched under his leadership won several awards. The design house received the prestigious Compasso d’Oro Award in 1989. It was the first time this prize was awarded to a company instead of a piece of furniture or a furniture series. This manufacturer’s extraordinary products are currently available in 80 countries.



B&B Italia furniture from leading designers

Various renowned designers design B&B Italia outdoor and indoor furniture. One of the most important of these is Antonio Citterio. He is responsible for many collections, such as: Diesis B&B Italia and Maxalto. The Diesis B&B Italia sofas, designed in cooperation with Paolo Nava, are icons of modern design. Maxalto is a particularly extensive line of furniture that combines tradition and innovation. The Maxalto collection includes the B&B Italia Febo upholstered and leather-covered seating. Are you looking for a flexible B&B Italia sofa consisting of separate components? Then check out the B&B Italia Camaleonda by Mario Bellini. Originally launched in 1970, this seating unit is considered a contemporary classic and was re-released in 2020. The B&B Italia Husk collection, designed by Patricia Urquiola, is extremely versatile. It includes B&B Italia garden furniture as well as interior furniture, including a B&B Italia bed.



From B&B Italia sofa to cabinet

B&B Italia has furniture for every style and diverse uses in and around the house. Those with a penchant for high-quality design will find almost all the necessary design furniture in our B&B Italia showroom. If you want to purchase a B&B Italia corner sofa or a straight sofa, there are many options. The range consists of sofas with clean lines and curved shapes. If you are interested in a B&B Italia chair, the choice is just as great. This brand offers a comfortable B&B Italia armchair, but dining chairs, bar stools and office chairs are also available. A matching B&B Italia table, beautiful B&B Italia coffee table or functional side table can be found in no time. Traditional square, rectangular and round models are available, but it also offers tabletops with less common shapes.



B&B Italia furniture at Obumex

If you want to furnish your home with unique, high-quality furniture, B&B Italia design offers many possibilities. And you don’t have to stop there because you can give your terrace or balcony a matching style with the collections of B&B Italia outdoor. Would you like to know more or visit a B&B Italia showroom at Obumex? Then contact us.



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