BassamFellows: Modern Craftsman with a historical background

The BassamFellows brand is the brainchild of Craig Bassam and Scott Fellows. In their workshop in Connecticut, USA, they combine contemporary craftsmanship with luxury design furniture and lifestyle objects. The pair have named their working method Modern Craftsman. In addition to chairs, tables, stools, sofas and interior objects, BassamFellows’ product catalogue also includes clothing, travel bags, sunglasses and footwear.

Design in the broadest sense of the word

BassamFellows was founded at the turn of the millennium when Craig Bassam and Scott Fellows had the idea of creating a new American luxury brand. Scott Fellows was previously the Art Director for various design houses, while Craig Bassam had earned his spurs as an interior designer and furniture designer. They used their joint aesthetic and creative insights as the basis for their collaboration. Craig Bassam and Scott Fellows did not want to impose any restrictions on themselves. They wanted to work as broadly as possible within their Modern Craftsman framework. That’s why, in addition to furniture and product design, the company also focuses on interior design. Craig Bassam and Scott Fellows have built a long list of residential and hospitality interior design projects around the world, including in North and South America, Europe, Asia and Australia.

Modern Craftsman as the starting point

Craig Bassam and Scott Fellows are considered the founders of Modern Craftsman. The hallmarks of this design movement are minimalism, precision and craftsmanship. Modern Craftsman bears an affinity to the American Craftsman style, which had its heyday at the beginning of the twentieth century. American Craftsman designers opted for simple designs and thus opposed the Victorian style of the nineteenth century, which they considered too exuberant. Craig Bassam and Scott Fellows brought their Modern Craftsman to the attention of the general public in 2003. One of BassamFellows’ first pieces of furniture was the Tractor stool presented at the Salone del Mobile design fair in Milan in 2000.

Classical influences of BassamFellows

Natural materials are an important part of the Modern Craftsman products by Craig Bassam and Scott Fellows. The duo makes extensive use of wood, especially ash, walnut and teak. In doing so, they also take more direct inspiration from the past. The Brutalism movement of design furniture pioneers such as Charlotte Perriand, Pierre Jeanneret and Le Corbusier, for example, influenced the Brutus chairs launched by BassamFellows in 2020. Craig Bassam and Scott Fellows were directly inspired by Jeanneret for the version with a seat in Vienna caning. Ultimately, however, the Brutus chair is the result of a dream Craig Bassam had one night. Influences of Thonet design pioneer Mart Stam are clearly present in the BassamFellows Geometric tubular steel chairs and tables. Alongside wood and tubular steel, leather is a recurring material in the Modern Craftsman aesthetic. The Geometric chairs and the Leather Desk, among others, are covered in leather.

Purchasing BassamFellows through Obumex

Do you want a Modern Craftsman interior in a historical design tradition? Then the seats, tables, loungers and sofas by Craig Bassam and Scott Fellows are an excellent choice. For pricing information on BassamFellows products, please feel free to make an enquiry via the contact form on our site.

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