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​Our furniture collections are the solid pillars of Obumex. Exclusive custom interiors simply cannot come without that extra style and class. The key words that we apply are integration, harmony, refinement, elegance and personal feeling. Each brand that we distribute closely fits to the Obumex philosophy of timelessness and durability.

We create an atmosphere that fits to your personality. You can benefit from our long and vast experience in the field of furniture, but also in the fields of bed and bath linen, curtains, carpets and rugs. In the decoration of your house, we majestically bring an atmosphere of wellbeing and feeling good. 



Just over 10 years ago, architect Craig Bassam and creative director Scott Fellows decided to realize their vision: to create an innovative and exclusive American lifestyle brand that impacts people’s personal interior design experience. With their iconic 'Tractor Stool' BassamFellows were immediately noticed in the international design scene. And with their minimalist 'Craftsman Modern' design vision, they were among the originators of today’s new modernism. The BassamFellows furniture collections are without exception designed in collaboration with leading designers, manufactured by hand and very recognizable on an almost emotional visual level.



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