For 60 years, Obumex has been known for timeless kitchen design, refined furniture and customised interiors, as well as top-to-bottom renovations. In case you seek to update your home or second home, Obumex is your one-stop port of call, with all required expertise in-house, leaving you in the good care of one single point of contact and our own seasoned project team. We coordinate the entire project, from concept phase all the way to finishing the smallest details. With a tailored approach and focus on delivering perfection, on innovation and craftsmanship as a lead theme. At the same time will we manage both the planning and budget - to make sure you remain stress-free throughout, and enjoy peace of mind.


Obumex takes care of all coordination, from design to finalising the smallest details. Whether the project encompasses a specific renovation in the inside rooms or of the outside of your house, or the entire overhaul of your interior, including creating an authentic feeling of being home using carefully selected design furniture, curtains and rugs. At the same time, we keep an eye on the planning and the budget. That is how we guarantee you remain entirely zen and enjoy peace of mind throughout the entire project of upgrading your own home or second home.



Welcome to our showrooms. We will be pleased to advise you on the choice of techniques, materials and finishes and to inspire you with simulations, mood boards and 3D renderings.


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