Sophistication and refinement, dazzling beauty, top-grade quality and service… that's what our clients aspire to. The pure art of living. The kitchen and total interior designs created by Obumex are suffused with passion and craftsmanship. They perfectly match your vision of life! Innovative techniques and finishings, meticulous selections of noble materials, harmonic combinations of rich fabrics and unique furniture collections are all elements that guarantee a unique approach. A custom-made total approach. A personal relationship with our customers is an asset.


Eli Ostyn founded Obumex in 1960. Originally, the family company manufactured school furniture, but the pure, straight-lined kitchens followed very quickly afterwards. After some decades, the select Furniture collections appeared and the company focussed more on interior design as Obumex still does today. For 35 years, Eli’s son, Geert Ostyn, has been the manager and Obumex grew into a dynamic organization employing over 100 passionate staff members. Today, the 3rdgeneration, Thomas Ostyn, entered the company, and the know-how is again passed on from father to son.


Our interior experts will gladly assist you to polish up your wishes, they make a preselection from our furniture collections and choose the best materials for your interior. We have an eye for aesthetics, functionality of the design and your personal wishes. Obumex offers you a durable interior that survives time. With the Obumex company innovation and traditional craftsmanship go hand in hand. In our fully equipped production workshops, our craftsmen devise the best solutions for your interior. An open service and a professional coordination guarantee a long-lasting relationship of trust with the customer. We respect planning and budget. Obumex is a family company, family ties and relationships are very dear to us!


Obumex is glad to convert your dreams and wishes into tactile reality. Do not hesitate to visit one of our flagship stores or boutiques, and discover the beautiful world of our home. We will gladly assist you with expert advice. You have a tight planning and a well-defined budget? No problem, Obumex will surprise you and even exceeds your expectations.

  1. discovery
  2. information
  3. budget
  4. organization plan (after 3 weeks)
  5. draft & quotation (after 7 or 8 weeks)
  6. agreement
  7. transfer (17 weeks for installation)
  8. production
  9. installation
  10. delivery


Looking for a challenge?

For 60 years, Obumex has built a tradition of designing, manufacturing and fitting high spec kitchens and complete interiors. Obumex is a healthy family-led business employing approximately 100 people, who work on innovative and functional techniques on a daily basis. As a trendsetter in interior design, Obumex always stays ahead of the competition. You will be working in a very pleasant working environment offering a high level of job security.

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