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The living kitchen is the pride of Obumex. This has been the case for the past 54 years. We design creative and visionary concept kitchens, balancing between renovation and tradition. Our kitchens are perfectly detailed. They inspire, charm and function optimally. These features are essential for Obumex: a characteristic living kitchen not only beautiful in its experience but also in its use.


Timeless with character

For Obumex, it is evident to design kitchens that effortlessly survive time. The right balance of harmony, materials, colours and design contribute to that challenge. Such 'classical' kitchens do not lose one simple aspect of their charisma through the years.

Obumex creates a living kitchen for you, with plenty of character, soothing and with a warm home feeling. A place with cachet, a place with a soul.


Classical spaciousness

The term ‘classical’ refers to the sense of dimensions and space back to the times of the Greeks and Romans. Both the materials used and the space allow to describe this spacious kitchen, where the cooker is the main element, as ‘classic’.

In collaboration with Annick Grimmelprez.


A homey feeling

In this living kitchen dark warm accents dominate and the use of wood gives a safe homey feeling. 


Fitting accents for classic individuality

In this project classic lines are enclosed in a bright language of forms. Thanks to the predominantly white accents and subtle lighting, this kitchen gets a particular cachet. 


Among friends

Each kitchen designed by Obumex has its specific character. Pure lines, select materials and a superb light incidence invite you to be together with friends.

In collaboration with Annick Grimmelprez.


The kitchen: the voice of tradition

Traditional kitchens are ‘indestructible’, they hold their grounds thanks to the solidity they exude. In this ambiance, cooking is a real feast. 


The kitchen Concept of Architect Joseph Dirand by Obumex

For Obumex, the kitchen project of Joseph Dirand is the result of a long lasting cooperation. Obumex and the French architect developed a custom-made kitchen in which esthetical and functional principles are delicately lined out. The Joseph Dirand kitchen is a style icon of which Obumex realizes a unique, limited and therefore exclusive series. The concept has itself integrated very well and at the same time testifies of a fresh vision. 


Signature Kitchen by Glenn Sestig

A Cosmopolitan Kitchen as a Contemporary Sculpture

For Glenn Sestig the kitchen is the place to welcome friends. This was the basis of his design for Obumex. His kitchen concept is one big aesthetical bar table that immediately catches the eye by its verticality.

‘Most contemporary kitchen designs are dominated by horizontal lines. We break through this cliché with a vertical volume, a strong architectural statement. A fully-equipped cocktail cabinet is hidden here,’ says architect Glenn Sestig. ‘My sculptural kitchen design creates a visual division of the open space, for example in city apartments, lofts or penthouses.’ 


Chef at Home Sergio Herman

In 2011 Obumex creates the Chef at Home kitchen concept in collaboration with the star chef Sergio Herman. Equipped with professional gear, like a pacojet, salamander, warm-keeping-drawers, cooling drawers and heat bridge, this kitchen undoubtedly is the crème de la crème for the passionate hobby cook! This kitchen is the ideal balance between the typical Obumex aesthetics and the functionality of a professional kitchen.


John Pawson kitchen

The kitchen designed by Pawson was a world-wide success and instantly gave Obumex fame, both in Belgium and abroad. Form, proportion and material are the three basic concepts on which this kitchen is based. Its design and architecture are characterized by noble materials, special processing methods and typical details. Pawson handles strong visual simplicity, a recurring ideal, shared by many cultures searching for a lifestyle exempt from excesses. This is how the Pawson kitchen was born: powerful and sober.

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